What Types Of Theatres Can Be Found

Regardless if you grew up on the Upper East Side in New York City or in a parish district in Louisiana. One thing is common, the draw to see a Broadway play live. From the first flick of light to the soaring music, dancers that amazed you and tunes that catch you. There is nothing like catching a Broadway play in New York City.

Seeped deep in American history, Broadway was born. Ironically, it was started upon England and its famed poet, Shakespeare. Today, it gains more attention and sales than the United Kingdom. It is a short street in New York City, yet it has a long history. Famed actors and actresses started at Broadway such as Kristen Bell, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Joan Allen, Kevin Spacey and Julianne Moore. Here is where they got their start.

Today you can catch new plays as well as long running Broadway shows. Don’t be surprised if you catch a famous celebrity playing the lead role. After all, Broadway is where dreams are made and carried on. Most shows on Broadway run from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Sometimes with a show on Sundays. Most actors consider Sunday and Mondays to be their weekends.

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