How Has Plays Changed Over The Years

How Have Plays Changed Over The Years

Over the years, theater and plays have changed drastically. The individual performances of plays have changed numerous time creating and expanding genres in the medium. There has been more experimental and avant=garde plays, as well as bigger production plays such as rock n roll musicals. Broadway has become even more popular as the generation gaps have grown increasingly large and theater has tried to change with the current trends and times.

It’s interesting to watch the result of how plays have changed over time. Confused? Here ‘s a little help . It seems entertainment and broadway plays that serve as their only function one to provide ephemeral entertainment to the audience has become increasingly more popular than the more artistic and dramatic forms of plays. However, many colleges and universities around the world host some incredibly diverse and provocative new plays.

One thing is for sure, plays have changed so much over the past one hundred years. And the change is even more drastic when compared through the evolution of plays from Shakespearean and 5Th Century Greek times. Plays are less about expressing and making a statement on society but instead provide a type of entertainment and amusement relief for the people that attend these shows.

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