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What Types Of Theatres Can Be Found

Regardless if you grew up on the Upper East Side in New York City or in a parish district in Louisiana. One thing is common, the draw to see a Broadway play live. From the first flick of light to the soaring music, dancers that amazed you and tunes that catch you. There is nothing like catching a Broadway play in New York City.

Seeped deep in American history, Broadway was born. Ironically, it was Read the rest of this entry »

What Inspired Theatres To Be Popular?

What Inspired Theatres To Be Popular?

Theatre or stage acting has been a popular form of art since Shakespearean time and beyond that to the 5th Century Greek tragedians era. Theatre emanated out of two major forms or overall themes. On the one hand, there was comedy and on the other was tragedy. Play would provide comic relief for the citizens of a tribe or town or city. Especially during war time, theatre was a way Read the rest of this entry »

How Has Plays Changed Over The Years

How Have Plays Changed Over The Years

Over the years, theater and plays have changed drastically. The individual performances of plays have changed numerous time creating and expanding genres in the medium. There has been more experimental and avant=garde plays, as well as bigger production plays such as rock n roll musicals. Broadway has become even more popular as the generation gaps have grown increasingly large and theater has tried to change with the current trends and times.

It’s interesting to watch the result of how plays have changed over time. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Was The Stars In The First Play

Who Was The Stars In The First Play

Some of the most popular Greek tragedian writers were Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus. They were tragedy writers of their time as opposed to the comedic writers of the time that would write plays to create a type of cathartic comic relief for their works.

The stars of these first plays in the 5th Century BCE were the characters in the plays. These characters were mythological and would create many strong and polarizing emotions during the course of the play. The audience would usually be well versed Read the rest of this entry »

The First Theatre That Was Opened

When was the first theatre opened? Some would say that the very first theaters were opened in Europe during the time of Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon. If this is your answer, you would be wrong!

In fact, theatre was popular long before Shakespeare penned his now immortal dialogues. In fact, the very first theater on record was in Ancient Greece. Theater or drama was very popular in Greece, especially during 500 BC to about 200 BC. Read the rest of this entry »